The Top 10 Proven Benefits of Solar Cooking

The Top 10 Proven Benefits of Solar Cooking

March 26, 2018

We’ve been talking to Australians for some time now regarding solar ovens and solar cooking.

These ideas and products are definitely new to Australia, we don’t have a long history of solar cooking so it’s completely understandable that many people are a bit perplexed when this style of cooking is introduced to them.

How does it work? What can you cook? and, why would I do that? are all commonly asked questions.

We get it, this is something that sounds completely foreign but the reality is in many ways closer to conventional cooking techniques in many countries than you might think.

We’re obviously a little biased, but we think including solar cooking in your foodie repertoire is a bit of a no brainer. Here’s why.

  1. Environmentally friendly cooking. Solar Ovens use no fuel other than the sun’s radiation. No electricity, no fossil fuels. And if you cook with the Solavore Sport, you can increase your eco credentials even further as the oven housing is made with recycled plastics.
  2. Easy cooking. This may be my biggest plus of solar cooking. It’s just so easy. Most solar cooking is extremely similar to slow cooking in an oven or on a stove top. Put everything in a pot and just let it simmer away until you have deliciously tender and flavoursome food. It gets better though, unlike a stove top it is almost impossible for you to burn food to the bottom of your pan, even if you leave it too long. Easier cleanups? Sounds perfect to me.
  3. Cook for a crowd. The twin 22cm GranitWare pots supplied with our Solavore Sport allow you to cook enough for 8 - 10 people. This makes it perfect for large lunch or dinner parties or you can easily feed the whole family when you are camping. Don’t feel restricted to the pots supplied with the Sport either. You can easily use any other oven proof container, pot or baking tray to cook in your solar oven.
  4. It’s healthier. One of the great benefits of slow cooked food is that there is no high temperature boiling or burning involved. This means that your food is likely to consume more nutrients, this will be improved even further where your meal involved consuming the cooking juices.
  5. Super safe. Solar ovens use no open flame, gas or electricity which make them far safer than conventional cookers. This is particularly the case when cooking outside and around campsites. The chance of tip overs are very small and even if that were to happen, nothing is going to catch on fire. Perhaps the greatest safety feature in our mind is child friendlyness. If you’ve got small kids you know about the dangers of wandering hands. Almost all other cookers will burn fingers if touched in the wrong place. There is no chance of burning with the Solavore Sport and they are very hard to knock over with a wayward ball or toy.
  6. Ease of transport. Weighing in at a measly 4kgs, our Solavore Sport is incredibly easy to carry even over longer distances. We’ve paired it with a very stylish carry bag to make it even easier for you to sling over your shoulder and take it with you. Packing it in a car or caravan is even easier than you might think, when stowed upright the Sport is quite streamlined and won’t take up much space. Compared to a standard portable, gas powered stove commonly used by campers the Sport is significantly less cumbersome to take with you.
  7. Enjoy your time. Cooking in a solar oven requires very little to no attention. Prepare your food, put it in your oven and then relax, go for a swim or read a book. All you have to do when you are ready to eat is serve up.
  8. Be prepared. The Solavore Sport and prepare food and pasteurise water. If you are stuck without power and you don’t have gas the Solavore Sport makes the perfect backup option to make sure that you aren’t caught out. We’ve seen plenty of times in recent Australian history people getting caught out without power for extended periods of time due to natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances. A good solar oven has your back in these situations.
  9. A proven design. Our solar ovens were developed over 15 years ago by engineers and solar cooking experts. The design has barely changed since then and that’s because it works. Thousands of happy customers later we still have no plans or need to change the Solavore Sport.
  10. Do good in the world. Ok, this one is specific to our business and the Solavore Sport. When you buy a Solavore Sport you are helping to put out an indoor fire somewhere in the world. Why is this important? Collecting firewood and indoor fires present 3 main problems. In many places it is unsafe for women to collect firewood. Wood fires encourage deforestation with a range of negative environment flow on effects. Indoor fires are not in many parts of the world are not healthy for children. Find out more about our Solavore Works here and do your part for a healthier planet.


How does that all sound? Whether you are thinking of a camp cooking solution or just looking for something to complement your cooking at home we encourage you to give solar cooking a go.


It’s addictive, once you’ve given it a go you will never look back. If you’ve got any questions please get in touch or leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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